Cofounder and Chief Product Officer

Mike Reeves, PhD

Mike Reeves, PhD, our Cofounder and Chief Product Officer, is a key figure at the intersection of psychology and technology. He has created and managed algorithms and decision-making tools used by more than half of the Fortune 100. Leading R&D at a pioneering firm and managing science and AI products for a leading AI-driven hiring platform, Mike’s algorithms revolutionized hiring processes, delivering consistent ROI with positive and ethical user experiences. His practical applications in AI, machine learning, and psychometrics have played a pivotal role in transforming the industry. Mike’s commitment to ethical AI and positive societal impact sets him apart as a driving force in shaping the future of AI.

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Mike Reeves, PhD

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Mike Reeves, PhD

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The VIOLET Impact ModelTM

Vero AI' work centers on the VIOLET Impact ModelTM, a holistic framework that provides a comprehensive and objective view of the impact of algorithms and complex systems.


The degree to which affected individuals are aware of how algorithms are being used.


Whether the algorithm does good and whether it is fair to all classes.


How well the algorithm was built.

Legislative Preparedness

How well the algorithm and surrounding systems are prepared to meet the requirements of current and upcoming legislation.


How well the algorithm works.


How clearly understood the algorithm and its uses are internally.

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