Cofounder and CEO

Eric Sydell, PhD

Eric Sydell, PhD, is Cofounder and CEO of Vero AI, a firm dedicated to understanding and harnessing the power of AI and all algorithms for the benefit of human society. Eric is an industrial-organizational psychologist, entrepreneur, and consultant with more than two decades of experience working in the recruiting technology and staffing industries. An expert in artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, psychometrics, and their practical application in hiring, Eric regularly writes and speaks on these topics, both in the media and at academic and industry conferences, worldwide, and is the co-author of the book Decoding Talent: How AI and Big Data Can Solve Your Company’s People Puzzle, from the Fast Company Press. He has been quoted in Fast Company, USA Today, Yahoo Finance, VentureBeat, Silicon Republic, and many other outlets.

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Eric Sydell, PhD

The VIOLET Impact ModelTM

Vero AI' work centers on the VIOLET Impact ModelTM, a holistic framework that provides a comprehensive and objective view of the impact of algorithms and complex systems.


The degree to which affected individuals are aware of how algorithms are being used.


Whether the algorithm does good and whether it is fair to all classes.


How well the algorithm was built.

Legislative Preparedness

How well the algorithm and surrounding systems are prepared to meet the requirements of current and upcoming legislation.


How well the algorithm works.


How clearly understood the algorithm and its uses are internally.

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